​​​​​​​​​​Françoise Voranger - Show Creator,  Aerialist, Acrobatic, Dance and Aerial Arts Specialist,  Freelance Performer, Choreographer, Aerial Designer. Hand balancing, BGirl, Multi disciplinary performance artist, media visual projection including 3D mapping. An extraordinary performance artist Creator at Hybrid Movement Company,  the Hybrid Movement Genre and the  " Movement as Metaphor Training Program"- Member of the International Dance Council UNESCO CID, Paris.

NYC Leading Aerialist.

Performance credits:

Hybrid Movement Company, Little Cinema, Royal Ballet, London / DeAngelo Productions, Gala of the Stars - Benois De La Danse, Bolshoi Ballet Theater, Moscow, Russia 2013 Last time I Cried, Ann Marie De Angelo / Ballet NY/ Hamburg Ballet / Australian Ballet / UNESCO Gala,  Christopher Harrison's AntiGravity NYC / Acroback / Cirque du Soleil /  Aerial Artistry /  Chinese Ministry of Culture / Quixotic  /  NBC SMASH /  House of Yes / Hybrid Movement Company Creative Lab, Co Creative Director Little Cinema Immersive Shows.  


2014 STREB EACP Choreographer Grant Awardee.

Capezio Choreographic Award.

Choreographic and Creative Works presented at : Little Cinema at House of Yes, Best of New York, New York Magazine  March 2017 Creative Director, Never Ending Story: Dude,  Hanover Theatre, Clara's Dream A Nutcracker Story, 2010/  McNally's Fate 2009, NYCity Center:  The Eagle Spirit  CTFD 

Lincoln Center NYC: Little Orchestra Society: UNESCO GALA, Germany Jazz at Lincoln Center: Momentum 2014

Madrid Theater KC: Esoterra excerpts for Quixotic Fusion Snug Harbor: 2015 Bob Hope Theater CA: 

Bolshoi Ballet Theater, Moscow Russia: Gala of the Stars Benois de la Danse 2013 , House of Yes; HMC Fluid of Dusk;  2015 Little Cinema: The Fifth Element Immersive Lee Loo, Requiem for a Dream Immersive: Marion 2016/2017, The Never Ending Story Immersive ; Hybrid Movement Company Creative Lab: Seeds / Strong Heart , Clear Mind /  In this Journey Travel Light; NYCSummerStage Main Stage: Momentum

Sydney Opera House: This Living Planet ;Marquiss Theater NYC: CTFD The Actors Fund 2017: Schedule 40

NYU Tisch IAC Center 2017: Collaborative Light Sensor Project


Stella MacCartney / Adidas Spring collection choreography and performance.

Assistant to Christopher Harrison  H&M Alexander Wang Fashion Show NYC

​​Multi Media Visual Projection Creations:

Creator of  visual projections for all Hybrid Movement Company productions including Fluid of Dreams / Clara's Dream / Momentum / Seeds / Eagle Sprit / In this Journey Travel Light: 3D Mapping for House of Yes

Education:  Dance: Royal Ballet School London,( Full Scholarship) Hamburg Ballet School Germany( Full Scholarship).  Anatoli Nisnevich, Joanna Duncan, Vina Lee, Vivienne Gilligan. Gymnastics Sydney Olympic Center Lu Ping / Aerial Ivo Gueourgiev. 

Creator of the Movement as Metaphor Aerial Acrobatic  education programs Summer Intensives and Workshops / USA Hybrid Movement TM. 

Booking contact Joanna Duncan  danceartistsmanagement@gmail.com

+1 917-261-8802 


Françoise  N Voranger

Danceartists Director 

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Artist Statement

Françoise N Voranger

  I create movement that soars, flows and sweeps using human bodies, human thoughts and human feelings. The wind does this for water, clouds and trees, and I  am motivated to somehow join with this force. Human unity is my most significant and overwhelming curiosity in working creatively. Second to that is the influence of urban landscape over movement My ideas have to be carried out in physical presence, transforming the original idea into a collaboration between sound, site, performers, artist and choreographer. There are moments in my works where I partner movement with visual arts. I create animation and use projection to gradually change light, image and texture as ambience or environment.

​​My creations are works which either search or reveal. They are hybrid style, the product of my arts education in multiple disciplines. My intention is never self referential, work flows through me because the energy of the world existed long before my arrival, making me at best, a conduit.
My works have come out of imagination as dreams do. In dreams there seems to be a logical illogic which is the usual prerogative of most art - a discovery of the unknown as it emerges and then recedes again. Does any dream ever look like the waking life?
I begin projects with an idea and an intention, I take a leap of faith, create it, and offer it to my audience .